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Pascale Rey

Born in Valais, Pascale has quickly developed an interest for the world of vine and wine in her family.

A few years later, she met a mentor who introduced her to the great wines. Since, Pascale has continued to go further in her knowledge and appreciation of wines from all over the world. She then decided to undertake a specialization at the prestigious School of Wine in Changins. In addition, she had the chance to work for one year with one of the best Valais winemakers. During her internship, she was able to discover and learn the winemaker's work. During this time Pascale attended the Valais Cantonal School of Agriculture.

Pascale is also one of the main organizers of Sounds&Senses, an event designed to combine the beauty of sound and wine.

She recently discovered a passion for organic and natural wines and this is why Biowine has asked her to join its team of experts to help discover some of the best organic wines in the world.



Valerie Potez

Born in Paris Valérie lived most of his life near Montpellier.

At 17, for family reasons, she spent a year at a family friend, who was a real passionate of cooking and good wines, he did not even allow a drop of water at the dinner table!!! Valerie finally ended up one day, by tasting some wine to accompany a delicious cheese! Since then, she started to enjoy and especially appreciate great wines!

Throughout the years in Montpellier while raising her children, she met many winemakers who became very good friends. They taught her how to get to know, love and appreciate even more the world of good wines.

Recently moved to Switzerland, Valerie, curious to discover Swiss wines, decides to join the prestigious wine school of Changins.

She joins the team of Biowine because she deeply believes that a wine must first be good and then organic, but that now a day it is possible to combine the two ...