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Vogue talks Organic, Biodynamic and Natural Wines

Organic Wine

We were so happy to read this article published by Vogue on the evolution of organic wines that we wanted to share with you and create a little summary (click here for full article) :

 Organic biodynamic and natural wines were usually seen as wines produced with eccentric practices often associated with hippies. Nowadays natural wines are raging in culinary capitals such as Paris, London, Tokyo and New York.

The philosophy of organic wines is to let Mother Nature do most of the work and intervene as little as possible: no chemicals, no additives. Most conventional wines are made with more than just grapes and contain additives that are used to deepen the colour, texture and sweeten taste.

 Catherine Papon-Nouvel of Clos Sain Julien in Bordeaux explains that 25 years ago chemicals were considered progress and applied them without thinking. She made the switch to a more holistic approach and treats the vineyard like a living being.

 For example after a hailstorm rather than treating her vineyards with chemicals she treated them with lavender; they recovered better than the neighbours. 

 “We grow the most beautiful grapes we can. Then in the cellar, it’s a piece of cake. It’s all very Zen, very natural.” - Catherine Papon-Nouvel

If you want to go further than organic there is the biodynamic which is often referred to organic practice on steroids. It basically boils down to thoughtful agriculture, biodiversity, crop rotation, composting and more esoteric practices including harvesting according to lunar cycles and compost preparations that mix local cow manure with medicinal herbs. Winemakers who go to such lengths often end up with happier, healthier grapes which translates into more vibrant, expressive wines.

 Natural wine doesn't have an exact explanation. For some it means farming strictly organically and adding nothing to the wine at all.


Patrick Cappiello

“At their finest, natural wines can truly express what’s great about the place they come from… the soil, the climate.” – Patrick Cappiello, wine director at Rebelle NY.


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