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November 09, 2017

BiowinExpo 2017 - First Organic Wine Fair in Switzerland

BiowinExpo 2017, the First International Organic Wine Fair in Switzerland has been held in Montreux last October 29th and 30th.

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April 11, 2017

Biowine at VinitalyBio!

Our team Biowinebox has just spent one more day at VinitalyBio to taste and discover amazing new wines for all of you. Soon coming available on our online shop and in your monthly subscription Biowinebox!


September 16, 2016

Interview with Stephanie Eschler - Biowine Box co-founder

Biowine Box co-founder, Stephanie Eschler, began working with organic, biodynamic and natural wine producers after digging deeper into conventional winemaking processes. She talks us through her new subscription service, and why this growing industry fascinates her. Check the full article 
September 01, 2016

Biowinebox elected brand of the month!

The renowned website has elected biowinebox as "Brand of the Month". Here their article on biowinebox:

Biowine Box is the first curated organic, biodynamic, natural and vegan wine online shop and subscription service in the UK. Biowine’s ethos is that “nature doesn’t need the intervention of chemicals to produce its magic”. Get The Gloss tested and reviewed, saying: “Totally sold on the natural credentials of Biowine – fewer pesticides and additives are kinder on the drinker, the hangover and the environment, as well as supporting small producers. This is a real treat for the palate; all the wines were smooth, delicious and definitely a cut above”. Biowine is currently collaborating with Pacari Gourmet Organic Chocolate and will be offering an organic chocolate and wine pairing and tasting kit in each box for the month of September.

July 22, 2016 publishes an article on Biowine

Organic and biodynamic wine is featured in the Lifestyle section of

The article tells the story of Biowine "Biowine has announced their plan to launch the first organic wine subscription box in the UK and Switzerland. Biowine was created both in the heart of the Swiss mountains, Verbier and in the city of London by an Italian mother-daughter team who have combined their organic lifestyle to their passion for wine. Biowine is on a mission to get wine lovers to drink and discover wines that are as delicious as the magic of nature can produce, without any addition of pesticides or artificial chemicals." and talks about the founders Daniela and Stephanie : “Beyond the mission of bringing more awareness and good quality organic wines to the market, what really fascinates me is meeting the amazing people who put their passion and hard work at the service of wine lovers who are health and nature conscious” shared Daniela, the cofounder based in Switzerland.

Stephanie who is the daughter part of the team based in London affirmed that “Organic vineyards worldwide have tripled over the last seven years and there is an important trend onwards biodynamics. Almost a quarter of under 30 year olds in the UK regularly buy organic products. People are getting more knowledge on the production process and want to make a change.”

June 30, 2016

Swiss Organic Wine Contest

Swiss Organic Wine Contest

Winegrowers from French-speaking Switzerland have been the winners at the Swiss Organic Wine contest organized by VINUM in partnership with Bio-Suisse

The Award for "the Best Organic Wine Producer of the year" has been granted to Jean-Denis Perrochet from La Maison Carrée in Auvernier NE.

The Award for the "Best Organic White Wine" has been granted to La Côte AOC Johanniter Grand Cru 2014 | Domaine La Capitaine | Begnins (VD) and the one for the "Best Organic Red Wine" to Zürichsee AOC Merlot-­Cabernet 2014 | Turmgut Erlenbach | Meilen (ZH)

We at Biowine have attended the event at the Hotel Carlton in Lausanne and had the privilege to taste a great representation of the wines from the 140 Swiss winegrowers who  participated to the Contest. 



June 20, 2016

Swiss have record spending for Organic Products

Swiss have worldwide record spending per capita for Organic Products



June 15, 2016

Concours Vin Bio Suisse - Swiss Organic Wine Contest

VINUM et Bio Suisse récompensent pour la troisième fois les meilleurs vins bio suisses et le meilleur vigneron bio de l'année dans le cadre du Concours Vin Bio Suisse.

Les meilleurs vins bio suisses – les 10 meilleurs vins rouges et les 10 meilleurs vins blancs – ainsi que le «vigneron bio suisse 2016» seront présentés le 21 juin au restaurant Metropol à Zurich et le 23 juin à l'hôtel Carlton à Lausanne dans le cadre d'une dégustation exclusive. 

May 29, 2016


Exciting new article about our sister company in the UK appeared on the online magazine read the article
May 18, 2016

Organic wine for "hangover-free" alcohol?

Could this 'biohacked' wine be the holy grail of 'hangover-free' alcohol? read this interesting article on why we feel so bad after drinking such a "nice glass of wine"…and how, while drinking in moderation is always the best choice, organic wine can minimize the side effects of some excess in drinking.